Creative Concierge

With an understanding of your brand image & corporate identity, we serve our clients as a creative concierge service. For any type of corporate product that you require, we will be providing you with the concept, design & execution, consistent with your brand image.

Corporate Image Consultancy

At the cradle phase of every corporate product creation, we are here to assure you part of the process every step of the way. We will provide you with our advice along the way to ensure that your corporate image is displayed in the best possible manner in every product we create.


After understanding your brand image, we are down to work on designs and ideas that will be consistent with your company image. It is through this process of co-operation that Stitch Ink provides the concept and design of the customized product for you.

Product Execution

Various techniques and creative ideas of manufacturing your products will be in our thought process. For your corporate apparel, we are here to advise you accordingly on the type of materials to use and printing method depending on the job scope of your employee. For example, embroidery may not be the best choice for employees functioning in a warm environment. A dri-fit material will be more suitable with a digital print in this case.